About BSP Finance

BSP Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BSP Group of Companies that specialises in providing asset finance solutions to businesses and consumers.

We offer a range of asset finance solutions designed to meet every aspect of your personal or business requirements. We offer lending and investment options to customers through:

  • Finance Lease
  • Commercial Loan
  • Consumer Vehicle Loan
  • Term Deposit

BSPF targets small to medium size businesses and consumers, such as subcontractors, contractors, and other parts of the business chain.

BSPF also targets salary / wage earners who have been in employment (current employer) for more than 12 months.

We provide finance to registered companies with accountant prepared financial statements to assist with the purchase of vehicles, trucks, equipment, plant and machinery that can help support the development and operation of their business whilst executing their contracts.

BSPF provides finance to consumers in selected number of countries.

Get the maximum benefits from our products and services to serve your asset financial needs.

In conjunction with BSP Corporate and BSP Retail, we provide a 'one stop' shop for all customers financing needs.

BSP is reinforcing its strength as a major player in the banking and finance industry in PNG and the Pacific region. Management reaffirms that the formation of BSP Finance stems from the need to develop a strong, portable, asset finance capability within the BSP Group and the move has been fully endorsed by the BSP Board of Directors. BSP as a Group is committed to improving our product offers, service levels and access to banking services for our customers by introducing new services and technology. This gives people more freedom and contributes to a better life.

Our Products

Borrowing for asset purchases, enables clients to use BSPF's money to obtain assets, that will generate income for their business.

About BSP Finance

BSP Finance is a specialist Asset Finance company providing innovative and fast financial solutions to our customers.